A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Ll?r/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Tuesday, 20th May, 2014.

Present:- Councillor S. Powell (Chairman);

Councillors Mrs. P. Abbott, Mrs. T. Field, S. Grimwood, B. Humphreys,
S. Meredith, G. Rees, L. Smith and M. Watkins.


There were none.


Mr. S. Powell declared an interest in item
Mr. S. Grimwood and Mrs. P. Abbott declared an interest in item

11/14. MINUTES

The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 15th April, 2014 and of the extra ordinary meeting held on 15th May, 2014.


(a) New A470/Traffic Calming Measures/By-pass (Ref. Min. 125/13(a))

No reply received from Welsh Assembly Government to date.

(b) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 125/13(b))

Nothing to report. Electricity 41028, Water 512

(c) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 125/13(c))

It was reported that there had been a water leak. Mr. M. Davies and Mr. S. Meredith had carried out a temporary repair but it was felt that a permanent repair was required. It was agreed that Mr. S. Meredith contact Mr. C. Bevan.

(d) Recycling Sites (Ref. Min. 125/13(d))

Llanyre – all fine.
Newbridge-on-Wye – all fine.

(e) Mid Wales House – Parking (Ref. Min. 125/13(e))

Nothing further to report.

(f) Proposed Llanyre Community Hall (Ref. Min. 125/13(f)

Members received the report of a meeting held on 7th May, prepared by Mr. M. Watkins. Members also received a copy of a draft letter for approval prior to forwarding to the Charity Commission. It was proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mr. B. Humphreys that the letter be approved and the Clerk was asked to forward the letter immediately after the meeting.

It was noted that the next meeting of the Working Group would be held on 28th May.


(g) Pritchard Recreation Ground (Ref. Min. 125/13(g))

Rubbish not burned, as yet.

(h) Powys Local Development Plan (Ref. Min. 125/13(h))

It was noted that the meeting to discuss the LDP had been held on the previous day.

(i) P/2014/0384 – Wern, Llanyre, Llandrindod Wells (Ref. Min. 135/13)

Mr. S. Powell declared an interest in this item and left the meeting whilst the matter was discussed. The Vice-Chairman took the Chair.

The Clerk reported that, despite a second e-mail, no reply had been received from Dunya Hurley, Planning Officer. The Clerk was advised to forward the e-mail to Mr. G. Davies for response.

The Clerk informed the Members that she had sought the advice of the Standards Officer who had confirmed that only those members who had attended the site meeting were eligible to take part in the vote, unless they could justify that they were familiar with the area or knew the area well enough.

Mr. G. Rees stated that, in his opinion, Members should be voting on their feeling and that of those they represent, and not be swayed by County Council policy.

Mr. M. Watkins felt that the views of the County Council should be awaited prior to making a decision.

Mr. B. Humphreys reported that he had received comments of concern from members of the public in relation to design, noise, vibration, flashing light and the proximity to the nearest property. The applicant confirmed that the proposed turbine would be nearer to the neighbouring property but it was covered by trees. He also commented that the light was not a flashing one on the existing turbine but appeared to be flashing when the turbine was operating. There were also concerns about the corridor waves from the TV mast.

A Llanyre resident who was granted permission to speak, stated that the Council was not looking at a single application as one already existed and there were applications in for further turbines in the vicinity. It was also noted that a comment in the original application stated that the turbine would not be visible from Llanyre. However, this was not the case. Members were urged to consider the feelings of the local community.

The applicant confirmed that anyone was welcome to visit the site at any time.

It was proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mrs. T. Field that a decision on the matter be deferred to the next meeting. 6 votes for, 2 against, 1 abstention.

Mr. S. Powell returned to the meeting.

There were none.

The monthly balance of income and expenditure was received and approved.

Balances in hand as at 19.05.14:- Ring Fenced balances – Recycling:- Available Funds:- £7978.57 Current Account £7749.65 Llanyre £1110.74
Savings Account £2194.06 Newbridge-on-Wye £ 854.40
£9943.71 £1965.14
The following invoices were received and passed for payment:-

Phs Group – Llanyre Toilets £34.49
Phs Group – Newbridge-on-Wye Toilets £37.90
Scottish Power – Llanyre Toilets £38.61
Scottish Power – Newbridge-on-Wye Toilets £13.47
AON – Insurance Renewal £887.78
Character Building – Newbridge-on-Wye Toilets £99.60
Mr. P. Lewis – Llanyre Toilets £44.00
Mr. P. Lewis – Newbridge-on-Wye Toilets £44.00
Mrs. L. Brown – salary/expenses £274.31


Queen’s Baton Relay

The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from Powys County Council giving details of events to be held to celebrate the Queen’s Baton Relay which would arrive in Llandrindod on Sunday 25th May.


Mr. S. Grimwood and Mrs. P. Abbott declared an interest in this item and left the meeting whilst it was discussed.

It was noted that there was currently £854.40 in the account and applications for financial assistance were received as follows:-

Newbridge-on-Wye Angling Club – to assist with re-stocking the river and encouraging youngsters to the Club. It was proposed by Mr. B. Humphreys and seconded by Mr. S. Meredith that a donation of £85 be awarded. All in favour.

Mrs. P. Abbott – replacement of the pads on the defibrillator which are out of date and the replacement of the battery. The Members agreed that it would not be appropriate to fund an individual and it was, therefore, agreed that the donation be made to St. John’s Ambulance who would be responsible for purchasing the items required. It was noted that the pads cost £49 each and the battery £300. It was proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mrs. T. Field that a donation of £85 towards the cost be awarded. All in favour.

Mr. S. Grimwood and Mrs. P. Abbott returned to the meeting.


It was noted that there was currently £1110.74 in the account and applications for financial assistance were received as follows:-

St. Llyr’s Church, Llanyre – maintenance of the Churchyard. It was proposed by Mr. G. Rees and seconded by Mr. L. Smith that a donation of £110 be awarded. All in favour.


One Voice Wales

It was reported that the next meeting of One Voice Wales would be held in Newbridge-on-Wye Community Centre on Friday, 18th June.

Newbridge-on-Wye Governing Body

It was reported that the Nursery would close on 13th June. Members expressed their concern at this and hoped that alternative premises could be found.

The Deputy Headteacher would be leaving at 31st August to take up a headship in the north of the county and the Clerk to the Governors would also be leaving at Christmas.


(a) Llanfihangel Helygen Church (Mrs. T. Field)

It was reported that this historic church would close unless financial help could be found. A public meeting had recently been held when members of the community had agreed to pay £10 a month towards the running costs. The quota was approximately £2400 pa. The vicar would be leaving the parish at the end of June and the church would be taken over by Holy Trinity Church in Llandrindod. It was noted that if the church were to close, the graveyard would become the responsibility of the County Council. Members enquired whether there were any grants available to assist with the up-keep. It was noted that CADW have a fund for “friendless” churches, but the vicar felt that the church was not friendless. Members expressed their concerns at the situation the church found itself in and wished to be kept informed of any developments.

(b) Plot 1, Cagebrook Lane, Llanyre – trees (Mr. M. Watkins)

It was reported that the first plot which had access in to Llanyre Hall had trees each side of the access. These trees (numbers 50 and 51) were both subject of a TPO. However, these have been felled without permission. It was agreed that the Clerk contact the Planning Department to express the Members’ concerns.

(c) Kiosk at Thimble Court Lane (Mr. M. Watkins)

It was reported that the kiosk at Thimble Court Lane was in a bad state of repair, there was no telephone there so was no longer in use. It was felt that if the kiosk was not needed then the Highway Authority should be requested to remove it as it was a highway hazard. It was felt that the kiosk was no longer required and it was proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mrs. T. Field that the Clerk contact the County Council to ask for it to be removed.

(d) Planning Application Procedure (Mr. S. Powell)

Concern was expressed that the Council’s comments were not being put on to the Planning Portal. It was agreed to contact the Portfolio Holder.


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday, 17th June, 2014.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30 p.m.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustees:-


(i) Lease

Nothing further to report.

(ii) Apportionment of Costs

It was reported that the County Council would, hopefully, have results of recent readings by the end of June.


(iii) Use of Fire Exit

Mr. B. Humphreys reported that he had met with the Headteacher who had explained the reasoning for using the fire exit as an entrance to Breakfast Club. Members accepted the reasoning for the present but felt that in the long run it would be appropriate for the magnetic lock on the school entrance to removed and re-fitted on the entrance to classrooms.

(iv) Invoice for Cleaning

An invoice in the sum of £138.00 was received from Mr. P. Lewis for cleaning duties from January to April, 2014.




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