A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Tuesday, 16th May, 2017.

Present:- Councillor S. Powell (Chairman);

Councillors M. Davies, Mrs. T. Field, S. Jones, H. Lewis, J. Postings,
G. Rees, M. Watkins and L. Smith.

In attendance:- County Councillor Mrs. C. Mills.


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The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 18th April, 2017.


(a) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 122/16(a))

Electricity – 43622 Water – 615

It was reported that some damage had occurred as a result of someone climbing on to the roof via the patterned blocks. Roof tiles had been broken and the blocks had become unstable. Members had met on site to remove the blocks and new tiles were required. Mr. H. Lewis kindly agreed to source new tiles. Mr. J. Postings agreed to report the matter to the local PCSO.

The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken again with Western Power and requested a price to attach the electricity supply to a bracket on the wall.

It was agreed that prices for the replacement of the facia boarding be sought from Ian Ward (MD to contact), Philip Taylor (SP to contact) and Jason Samuel (GR to contact). It was agreed that a schedule be drawn up to ensure that each contractor was quoting for the same work.

(b) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 122/16(b))

A member was required to oversee the day-to-day running of the toilets following the resignation of Mr. S. Meredith. Mr. S. Jones kindly agreed to assume this role.

Councillor Mrs. Mills agreed to look into the current grant position for the proposed community facility.

(c) Newbridge-on-Wye Recycling Site (Ref. Min. 122/16(c))

Nothing further to report.

(d) Llanyre Recreation Field

(i) Recreation Field (Ref. Min. 122/16(d)(i) – Mr. M. Watkins gave a brief overview of the history of this for the benefit of the new members. Mr. L. Smith confirmed that he had spoken with the local resident who did not have any ideas of what to do with the site. It was felt that it should be a recreation area but Mr. Smith explained that there was insufficient funding to carry out large scale redevelopments.

The Local Member recommended that the Council contact Llandrindod High School to enquire whether they would be interesting in utilising the area for their Duke of Edinburgh Award students.

In the meantime, arrangements need to be made for it to be cut and Mr. S. Powell agreed to speak with the same contractor as last year. Mr. Powell was given authority to proceed with the contract provided that it was not greater than that charged last year.

(ii) Play Area – it was reported that the horse chestnut tree near to the toilets is hollow. It was agreed to monitor the situation.

(iii) Pritchard Recreation Ground (Ref. Min. 122/16(d)(iii) – it was reported that the trees have now been moved.

(e) Newbridge-on-Wye Playing Field (Ref. Min. 122/16(e))

It was reported that the grass has been cut. However, there is a problem with moles particularly near to the play equipment. The Clerk was requested to contact Mr. S. Gealy.

(f) Up-date from HMRC (Ref. Min. 122/16(e)

The Clerk reported that she was still awaiting confirmation of the refund. It was agreed that the Clerk ring again for an up-date.

(g) Defibrillators (Ref. Min. 125/16(f))

Mr. H. Lewis reported that The Bell Inn had raised £300 towards the cost and a further fund raising event would be held on 28th May with a view to raising a total of £1000. It was requested that a donation be made from the Community Council and the possibility of using Recycling funds was discussed. The request was agreed, in principle, and the matter would be discussed further at the next meeting.

Mr. S. Powell kindly agreed to cut the Recreation Field in lieu of £50 being donated to the fund.

Mr. J. Postings confirmed that he was a qualified trainer and would be prepared to undertake training in the use of the defibrillator. Mr. Postings was thanked for his offer.

(h) Fountain (Ref. Min. 127/16)

Mr. S. Jones agreed to discuss the matter with N. R. Hope & Sons and report back to the next meeting.


There were none.


The monthly balance of income and expenditure was received and approved, together with the invoices for payment.

Balances in hand as at 08.05.17:-                                Ring Fenced balances: Recycling
Current Account  £7314.89                                          Llanyre                    £419.51 
Savings Account £2198.72                                          Newbridge-on-Wye £336.99
                            £9513.61                                                                          £756.50

Llanyre Church Hall donation £2000.00

Available Funds:- £6757.11


(a) Community/Town Council Elections

It was reported that there was currently a vacancy in the Newbridge-on-Wye Ward of the Council. The Clerk distributed notices for posting on the notice board.

(b) Wales Air Ambulance

A receipt and thank you letter for the donation was received.

(c) Wales Audit Office

Information and feedback from the 2015/2016 audit was received and noted.

(d) One Voice Wales

Details of the motions for the 2017 AGM were received and noted.

(e) One Voice Wales

The Membership application was approved.

(f) WWI Beacons of Light 11th November, 2018

Details of the proposal were received. It was agreed to discuss further at the next meeting.


Mr. M. Watkins reported on his attendance at the recent meeting. The main matters discussed were as follows:-

Asset Transfer, Transfer of Services, Training Courses, Membership.

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 7th July in Talgarth Town Hall.


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 20th June, 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15 p.m.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustees.


Public Liability Insurance – an invoice in the sum of £219.40 was received and passed for payment.

Treasurer – it was reported that a replacement Treasurer was required following the resignation from the Council of Mr. S. Grimwood. Mr. J. Postings kindly agreed to take over the responsibility.




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