A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Wednesday 28th June, 2017.

Present:- Councillor M. Davies (Vice-Chairman);

Councillors Mrs. T. Field, H. Lewis, S. Powell, J. Postings,
L. Smith and M. Watkins.

In attendance:- County Councillors Mrs. C. Mills


Apologies for absence were received from Mr. S. Jones and Mr. G. Rees.


There were none.


The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 16th May, 2017.


(a) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 12/17(a))

Electricity – 43645 Water 619

It was reported that the replacement tiles had been purchased and were ready to be installed. It was noted that Mr. S. Jones had kindly agreed to undertake this task and it was agreed to await his return. Mr. J. Postings agreed to liaise with Mr. Jones to agree a suitable time.

A detailed schedule with exact measurements of the repair works required would be drawn up. Mr. H. Lewis kindly agreed to forward these to the Clerk to enable her to prepare the schedule for the three contractors.

(b) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 12/17(b))

A quotation, in the sum of £30 for the purchase of hand drier, was received from PHS. It was agreed to proceed with the purchase.

(c) Newbridge-on-Wye Recycling Site (Ref. Min. 12/17(c))

Bins have not been removed as yet. Nothing further to report.

(d) Llanyre Recreation Field:

(i) Recreation Field (Ref. Min. 12/17(d)(i)) – Mr. S. Powell had kindly cut the grass as agreed at the last meeting. No response had been received from Llandrindod High School regarding the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Councillor Mrs. Mills kindly agreed to follow up.
(ii) Play Area (Ref. Min. 12/17(d)(ii)) – it was reported that there was currently only one seat in the area at present and a request for an addition seat was made. Mr. Lewis reported that he, together with Mr. S. Powell, had met with a representative from Playdale and Stephen Gealy from Powys County Council regarding replacement play equipment. Costings were awaited which would enable a grant application to be made.
(iii) Pritchard Recreation Ground (Ref. Min. 12/17(d)(iii)) – nothing further to report.

(iv) Open Space – it was reported that two cherry trees on the open space had been cut and damaged. It was agreed to monitor the situation.

(e) Newbridge-on-Wye Playing Field (Ref. Min. 12/17(e))

It was reported that Powys County Council had agreed to increase the grass cutting from 5 times per season to 10. They had also agreed to treat the moles.

(f) Up-date from HMRC (Ref. Min. 12/17(f))

The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted the Employer’s Helpline on three occasions since the last meeting and on each occasion she had been informed that the refund was sitting with the Debt Department and a release was awaited. It was reported that a further report would now be forwarded to the Employer Department with a request that an Officer contact the Clerk as a matter of urgency. This contact would be made before 5th July. It was requested that the Clerk continue to contact HMRC on a weekly basis should this contact not be made.

(g) Defibrillators (Ref. Min. 125/16(g))

It was reported that a very successful fund raiser had been held in May and sufficient funds had been raised to purchase a defibrillator for the community. The box had been installed near to the notice board in the centre of the village and training was now required.

(h) Fountain (Ref. Min. 12/17 (h))

The fountain was now working.

(i) WWI Beacons of Light (Ref. Min. 15/17(f))

No further information received to date.


The following planning application was received and discussed:-

P/2017/0583 – Land Adjacent to Ridgemount, Newbridge-on-Wye – outline planning application for residential development and associated works.

A response regarding the public right of way was received from Asbri Planning, together with correspondence from residents of the adjoining properties outlining their concerns of increased traffic movements on the narrow access roads within the existing site.

Following a lengthy discussion, it was proposed by Mr. J. Postings and seconded by Mr. M. Watkins that the application be refused for the following reasons:-

- The proposed development site is not in the current or proposed LDP;
- Additional traffic movements on the existing estate will be a hazard as the road is not capable of accommodation further traffic;
- The mains sewerage system is already at capacity.

All in favour.

It was also reported that a further application P/2017/0489 appeared on the Planning Portal but the Clerk had not received any notification. Councillor Mrs. Mills agreed to investigate the matter.


The monthly balance of income and expenditure was received and approved, together with the invoices for payment.

Balances in hand as at 08.05.17:-                              Ring Fenced balances: Recycling 
Current Account   £10128.29                                            Llanyre                    £419.51
Savings Account  £ 2198.94                                             Newbridge-on-Wye £336.99
                             £12327.23                                                                            £756.50

Llanyre Church Hall donation £2000.00
Available Funds:- £9570.73


(a) Citizen’s Advice Bureau – a letter of thanks for the donation was received.

(b) CPRW – an invitation to renew membership in the sum of £20 was received and approved

(c) CPRW – a copy of the summer newsletter was received.

(d) PCC – correspondence and a ballot paper for a representative to serve on the Standards Community Sub-Committee was received and completed.


The Annual Return and accounts for the year ended 31st March, 2017 were received and approved.


It was reported that a vacancy still existed in the Newbridge-on-Wye Ward. The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted Mr. S. Grimwood but no response had been received to date.


(i) Traffic Speed – Mr. J. Postings reported that the community speed watch was in the process of getting volunteers re-vetted. Some new volunteers had been recruited also. About 6 sessions had been held to date and in excess of 50 motorists had been recording exceeding the speed limit. Data collected from the sessions will be forwarded to north Wales and the motorists will received a warning letter.
(ii) Allotments
(iii) School sports pitch shelter

In the absence of Mr. G. Rees it was agreed to defer discussion of items (i) and (ii) to the next meeting.


Meeting – it was reported that a meeting would be held on 8th September with a view to re-commencing the village show and sports.

Litter – contact had been made with Keep Wales Tidy with a request for high visibility jackets with a view to recruiting volunteers to undertake regular litter picking in the community.


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 18th July, 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50 p.m.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustees.

Renewal of Public Liability Insurance – the Clerk reported that the insurance had been renewed.


MARK DAVIES (Vice-Chairman)

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