An extra ordinary meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Tuesday, 16th September, 2014.

Present:- Councillor S. Powell (Chairman);

Councillors Mrs. P. Abbott, Mrs. T. Field, G. Rees, L. Smith and
M. Watkins.

In attendance- County Councillor W. J. Evans.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr. G. Lewis, Mr. M. Davies and Mr. B. Humphreys.


Mr. B. Humphreys declared an interest in items 50/14 and 51/14 and did not attend the meeting. Mr. S. Powell declared an interest in item 52/14 and left the meeting whilst the item was discussed.


The Chairman welcomed Mr. S. Gealy, Outdoor Recreation Officer, and Mrs. Jenny Thomas to the meeting, together with representatives of the Creche Facility Project Group.

It was reported that the Project Group were progressing with an initiative to construct a new crèche facility on the site of the existing toilets at Newbridge-on-Wye. To facilitate this, an area of land would be required from the playing field. The land surrounding the toilets was in the ownership of the Housing Department and the toilets are leased to the Community Council. The playing field is in the ownership of the County Council. However, there the County Council will, in the next 6-8 week be contacting all town and community councils outlining their plans for the disposal of its assets and to enquire whether they will be interested in assuming responsibility. If the Community Council is not interested in taking over the play area, the equipment will remain but will not be replaced when it falls into disrepair and the grass cutting will be reduced to 12 cuts and eventually 4 cuts per year.

As the disposal of assets coincides with the crèche project the County Council are looking to undertake a whole asset transfer, free of charge, to the Community Council. This transfer would also include the allotments which currently generate an income of £200 per year. The cost of grass cutting was currently £600 per year approximately and £70 for the inspection of the play equipment.

There is currently a covenant on the play area land so any proposed building would need to be temporary and the Project Group would need to discuss the matter with the planning department to ascertain what they consider to be a temporary building. It is anticipated that approximately 3 metres of the play area land would be required.

Concerns had been expressed locally at the loss of the toilets and it was confirmed that the proposed plans for the crèche would include a disabled, external toilet which would only be accessed from the outside.

Mr. Gealy confirmed that he would be prepared to remove the adult goal posts from the playing field and erect junior goals. The play equipment would also be inspected to ensure that it was fit for purpose prior to transfer.

The members of the Project Group explained that they were looking to the Community Council to be an umbrella body that would assume legal entity of ownership of the crèche. The crèche would be run as a community project. If the Community Council agreed to assume responsibility for the playing field, the Project Group would undertake the monthly inspection of the play area and cut the grass as part of the community project.

It was reported that the access on the Village Green would require widening and the Group would be seeking permission from the Community Council to undertake this.

In respect of the transferred land, it was noted that the Group would be seeking a 21 or 25 year lease on the land.

The Members of the Project Group stated that they were hoping for a decision on the land by October half-term to enable them to submit their funding application by Christmas.

It was noted that the Council’s representatives on the Project Group were currently Mr. G. Rees and Mr. B. Humphreys. However, in the light of Mr. Humphreys’ declaration of interest a replacement was sought. It was agreed to ask Mr. M. Davies if he was prepared to stand.

Councillor J. Evans thanked Mr. Gealy, Mrs. Thomas and the Members of the Project Group for their attendance and it was agreed that the matter be discussed in detail at next week’s ordinary meeting of the Council.


The Clerk reported that, following the last meeting she had received correspondence from the Commons Registration Officer stating that the Llanyre Recreation Field, the play area and the Open Space were registered as village green. Further research had confirmed that the area had been registered in 1969. This caused meant that, unless an exchange of land was available it would not be possible to building on the Recreation Field.

Mr. R. Cawthorne attended the meeting and outlined some areas of research that he had undertaken on the Council’s behalf. It was reported that the 2002 Scheme did not match the outcomes for the Charity which appeared on the Charity Commission’s website. It was, therefore, felt that a further letter to the Charity Commission was required to clarify the situation. Mr. Cawthorne kindly agreed to draft a letter for the Clerk to send to the Charity Commission.

During the research and investigations, Mr. Gealy confirmed that, despite having maintained the play area for many years, it had come to light that the play area was not in the ownership of Powys County Council. Further enquiries were being undertaken by the County Council’s legal department.

It had also come to light that none of the areas above were registered in the Community Council’s ownership

In light of the above, it was felt that no further action or decision could be taken at this time. It was, therefore, proposed by Mr. G. Rees and seconded by Mrs. T. Field that

(a) Steps be taken to register the land with the Land Registry;
(b) Send a further letter to the Charity Commission to clarify discrepancies between the Schedule and that quoted on the Charity Commission’s website.

All in favour.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Cawthorne for his attendance and for the work he had undertaken on the Council’s behalf.


Mr. S. Powell declared an interest in this item and left the meeting whilst it was discussed.

Upper Esgairhew, Rhayader – erection of a wind turbine with control box and all associated works and creation of a new access.

A letter of objection was received from a local resident and shared with the meeting.


Members discussed the application in detail. It was felt that the proposed turbine would dominate the landscape and devalue the attractiveness of an area of outstanding natural beauty which relies heavily on tourism for its income. The members also expressed their concerns at the continued threat of windmill creep.

It was, therefore, proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mr. G. Rees that the application be declined for the following reasons:-

(a) The devastating visual effect on the landscape in an area of outstanding natural beauty; and
(b) The continued threat of windmill creep.

All in favour.

There being no other business the Vice-Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10 p.m.





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