June (a)


A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Tuesday, 16th June, 2015.

 Present:- Councillor Mrs. P. Abbot (Vice-Chairman)

   Councillors M. Davies, Mrs. P. Deakin, S. Grimwood,
   S. Meredith, G. Rees, L. Smith and M. Watkins.

 In attendance:- County Councillor W. J. Evans.


 Apologies for absence were received from Mrs. T. Field, Mr. G. Lewis and Mr. S. Powell.


 Mr. L. Smith declared an interest in Item 25/15 and left the meeting whilst the matter was discussed.


 The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 19th May, 2015, subject to the following amendment to Minute No. 12/15(f) – Mr. M. Watkins confirmed that  he did not have the Act in his possession but it had been borrowed from a local resident.


(a) New A470/Traffic Calming Measures/By Pass (Ref. Min. 12/15 (a))

There was nothing further to report regarding the 20mph signage.  However, with regard to the B4358, it was confirmed that no additional signage could be installed.  The flashing 30mph signs would be back in early July and whilst Members supported the concept, it was felt that coloured speeding signs (green under 30 and red over 30) would be more effective and it was agreed that a request be made to the County Council.  The speeding problems had been referred to the Police and would be discussed at a speed awareness meeting on 30th June.  Members wished to be kept informed of the outcome of the meeting.

(b) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 12/15(b))

It was confirmed that the lock had been repaired and the door post done and painted.  Mr. Watkins confirmed that he had been unable to speak to anyone about climbing on the roof to date.

Water 546   Electricity  41871

With regard to the War Memorial, Mr. G. Rees confirmed that he had investigated the available grants but nobody would fund 100% of the costs.  Mr. M. Watkins kindly agreed to obtain the number of letters and quotes be obtained from a monumental mason to undertake the work.

(c) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 12/15(c))

Nothing to report.

(d) Recycling Sites (Ref. Min. 12/15(d))

Llanyre – paper half full and glass ok.
Newbridge-on-Wye – plastic overfull, tins overfull and paper almost full.

Members expressed their concerns that the bins were not getting emptied regularly enough and despite getting a lot of use a meagre amount of money was being received causing Members to question whether it was a worthwhile exercise.  It was agreed to contact County Councillor J. Powell, Portfolio Holder with Members’ concerns.

(e) Mid Wales House – Parking (Ref. Min. 12/15(e))

It was confirmed that the matter was on-going.  The Clerk had e-mailed Alastair Knox for an up-date, but no response had been received.

(f) Proposed Llanyre Church/Community Hall (Ref. Min. 12/15(f))

No response received to date, but the land was currently being grazed.

(g) Proposed New Creche Facility (Ref. Min. 12/15(g))

The Clerk reported that an Expression of Interest form should have been received from the County Council to enable the land transfer to take place.  However, this had not been received.  The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken with Mr. G. Eales, Solicitor, who would make enquiries and ensure that the form was despatched.  In view of the timescale it was agreed that the Clerk be authorised to complete the form for signature by the Chairman and that it be e-mailed to those Members with addresses for approval prior to returning.  Proposed by Mr. S. Grimwood and seconded by Mr. M. Watkins.

(h) Newbridge-on-Wye and Llanyre Playing Fields (Ref. Min. 15/15(a) and 15/15(b))

The Clerk confirmed receipt of correspondence outlining advice from Del Morgan of One Voice Wales regarding short notice given for the transfer of the playing fields.  His advice was to launch and appeal and request that the County Council delay the transfer for 12 months.

In the meantime, the Clerk had made arrangements to add public liability and personal accident to the Community Council’s insurance for this year to safeguard the Members and Mr. M. Watkins thanked the Clerk for undertaking this matter on their behalf.

Members felt that it was extremely high handed of the County Council to only give 3 days’ notice, particularly as they would have budgeted for these two areas in their accounts for the next 12 months.  This funding should be available to the Community Council to enable them to undertake the grass cutting.

It was noted that Mr. S. Gealy would be available to train anyone to undertake the safety inspections on the play equipment.

It was agreed that Dig It Gardening be requested to refrain from cutting the hedge and only trim on the pavement side whilst also giving a quotation to cut the grass on the playing field.  It was agreed to have it cut 4 times during this year.

It was agreed that the Clerk contact Mr. P. Griffiths and Mr. S. Mackintosh with their concerns.

It was noted, with thanks, that the grass had been cut on the Newbridge-on-Wye Playing Field free of charge this year.


 Councillor W. J. Evans took no part in discussion of this item.
 P/2015/0450  - Cwm Ceri (Field), Llanyre: construction of agricultural building for storage of fodder and the necessary agricultural implements.  It was agreed that the application be approved subject to the introduction of additional screening to preserve the privacy of neighbouring properties.

 Councillor W. J. Evans left the meeting whilst this item was discussed.
 P/2015/0510 – Newbridge-on-Wye Recreation Ground – demolition of existing public toilet building, construction of new community building including new public toilet and alterations to access road.   Although fully supportive of the project, Members expressed their concerns that there did not appear to be sufficient car parking facilities shown on the plan.

 Concern was also expressed that the public toilet would be out of use during construction and felt that there should be a minimum time scale for the new project.
 Councillor W. J. Evans returned to the meeting.

 P/2015/0536 – Nant-y-Groes, Llanyre – construction of a dwelling and car port on building plot.  Members expressed their concerns at the sewerage capacity in Llanyre.  It was also felt that the design of the proposed property was not in keeping with surrounding properties and expressed their disappointment that the Planning Department continue to allow houses to be built on that side of the road.  It was, therefore, proposed by Mr. G. Rees and seconded by Mr. M. Watkins that the application be refused on the grounds of insufficient sewerage capacity as stated in the LDP deposit plan.


 The monthly balance of income and expenditure was received and approved.

Balances in hand as at 15.06.15:-  Ring Fenced balances – Recycling:-   
Current Account £ £5677.24                Llanyre                    £ 918.71
Savings Account  £2195.58                 Newbridge-on-Wye  £ 816.08
                             £7872.82                                                  £1734.79

Available Funds:- £6138.03

 The following invoices were received and passed for payment:-

Scottish Power – Llanyre toilets – revised invoice awaited
Scottish Power – Newbridge-on-Wye toilets – revised invoice awaited
Mr. P. Lewis – Llanyre toilets    £33.60
Mr. P. Lewis – Newbridge-on-Wye toilets  £33.60
Mrs. L. Brown – salary/expenses   £320.68
CPRW – Membership renewal   £20.00

Mr. G. Rees queried the direct debit agreement on the Scottish Power Account.  The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted the company, but no response had been received to date.


(a) Deposit of the Powys Local Development Plan

Correspondence and a CD were received.  It was noted that comments on the consultation were required by 20th July, 2015.

(b) CPRW – Brecon and Radnor Branch

Notification of the next meeting to be held at Talybont Village Hall on 30th June was received and noted.

(c) CPRW – Monmouthshire Branch

An invitation to a supper to be held on 26th June, 2015 was received.  No one was available to attend.

(d) One Voice Wales – Public Health (Wales) Bill

Notification was received that the above Bill had been introduced to the National Assembly for Wales by the Minister for Health and Social Services.  Amongst other proposals, the Bill will place a duty on each local authority in Wales to prepare and publish a local toilets strategy on the provision of toilets available for use by the public in its area. This strategy must include an assessment of the community’s need for toilets, including changing facilities for babies and changing places facilities for disabled persons, as well as details of how the local authority proposes to meet that need.  The duty to prepare a local toilets strategy will not in itself require local authorities to directly provide and maintain public toilets, but will require them to take a strategic view across their area about how these facilities can be provided and accessed by their local population.

The Bill will now be considered and scrutinised by the National Assembly for Wales in the coming months.  During this process, evidence may be heard from those interested in the content of the Bill and amendments may be made.

(e) Planning Policy and Development Management Services Presentation

An invitation to the above Presentation to be held on 6th July was received from Councillor Avril York, Portfolio Holder.  Mr. L. Smith, Mrs. P. Abbott and Mr. M. Watkins agreed to attend.

(f) Access to Information Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013

Statutory guidance was received and noted.


 Requests for financial assistance were received from the following:-

 Newbridge-on-Wye – Mr. and Mrs. S. Jones to purchase bedding plants for the planters at Dolyfan and the Village Green.  It was reported that a sum of £120 was requested to purchase the plants for 4 planters.  A lengthy discussion took place and the Clerk confirmed that there was currently £650 in the account which would lead to an amount of £65 being available for donation.  Some Members felt the balance of the request should be made up from Community Council funds. 
It was, therefore, proposed by Mr. S. Grimwood and seconded by Mr. G. Rees that a donation of £65 be made from the Recycling Funds with the remaining £55 being paid from Community Council funds.

 A counter-proposal that the £65 only be made, in accordance with the current policy was put forward by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mr. L. Smith.

 In accordance with procedure Members voted on the counter-proposal first when there were 4 votes for and 3 against.  The counter-proposal was, therefore, carried.

Mr. L. Smith left the meeting whilst this item was discussed
Llanyre – Llanyre Thursday Club to assist with the Annual outing.  It was noted that the Committee received a donation in November 2014 and it was the policy not to fund the same Committee more than once in the same year.  The request was, therefore, declined.


 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday, 14th July at 7.30 p.m.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30 p.m.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustee:-


Up-date from Mr. G. Jones

Nothing further to report.



MRS. P. ABBOTT  (Vice-Chairman)

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