A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Tuesday, 17th June.

 Present:- Councillor S. Powell (Chairman);

   Councillors Mrs. P. Abbott, S. Grimwood, B. Humphreys,
   S. Meredith and L. Smith.


 Apologies for absence were received from Mr. M. Davies, Mrs. T. Field, Mr. G. Rees and Mr. M. Watkins.


 Mr. S. Powell declared an interest in item 24/14(g) and left the meeting whilst the matter was discussed.


 The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th May, 2014, subject to the inclusion of Mr. M. Davies in the list of Members present.


 (a) New A470/Traffic Calming Measures/By-pass (Ref. Min. 12/14(a))

 No reply, to date, from the Minister.  The Clerk confirmed that she had e-mailed Kirsty Williams, AM, requesting an update.

 Correspondence was received from Roger Williams MP and Kirsty Williams AM regarding traffic speeds on trunk roads.  It was agreed that the Clerk re-iterate the Members concerns at the speed of traffic on the A470 through Newbridge-on-Wye.

(b) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 12/14(b))

 No problems to report.  Electricity 41032 and water 515. 

 It was reported that the bus time table had not been replaced despite the Clerk having written twice.  It was agreed to ask Councillor J. Evans to investigate the matter.

(c) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 12/14(c))

 Mr. S. Meredith reported that the cistern had been leaking.  A new ball valve had been fitted and the pipe repaired.

(d) Recycling Sites

 Llanyre – nothing to report
 Newbridge-on-Wye – getting rather full as they have not been emptied for a while.  It was also reported that some black bin bags are being left by the school bins and on the recycling site.  Mrs. Abbott agreed to follow up.

(e) Mid Wales House (Ref. Min. 12/14(e))

 The form for the Land Registry had been completed by Mr. M. Watkins and was awaiting checking by the Clerk.


 Mr. S. Meredith reported that he had obtained some information from the Railway Preservation Society which may be of relevance in this matter.  Councillor J. Evans agreed to facilitate a further meeting between Mr. S. Meredith and Mr. A. Knox of the County Council to discuss the matter further.  In the meantime, Mr. S. Meredith would obtain signed declarations from local residents who had used the area in the past.  The Chairman thanked Mr. S. Meredith for his continued work.

(f) Proposed Llanyre Community Hall (Ref. Min. 12/14(f))

 The Clerk reported that she had contacted the Charity Commission again, but no reply had been received to date.  Councillor J. Evans confirmed that, following discussions with the County Council, St. Ll?r Community Hall would be acceptable for a grant application.

(g) Planning Application – Wern, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 12/14(i))

 Mr. S. Powell declared an interest in this item and left the meeting whilst it was discussed.

 The Clerk reported receipt of a response from Dunya Hurley, Planning Officer, as follows:-

 In brief, any turbine application is assessed based on any individual impact and whether it would have an impact cumulatively with other existing or proposed turbines.  Primarily the cumulative impact focuses on the cumulative visual and landscape impact, cumulative noise impact, cumulative impact on the highway network and cumulative impact on ecology.

 Should information to accurately assess the cumulative impacts of a turbine not be submitted initially, this information is requested from the applicant.

 In the case of the second proposed turbine at the Wern Farm, there is no limit regarding how many turbines proposals can be submitted for any one area, however each application needs to be assessed on material considerations, cumulative impact of the turbine being a material consideration.

 Members also received 4 letters of objection from members of the community, together with a note of the views gauged from the local community by Mr. M. Watkins.

 Members discussed the matter in detail and raised concerns which they had received from the local community.  It was noted that the main concerns were of design, cumulative noise, vibration, proximity to the nearest property, visual impact, clustering of turbines and the cumulative effect on the whole community.
 Following a discussion, it was proposed by Mr. B. Humphreys and seconded by Mr. S. Grimwood that the application be refused for the reasons outlined above.  3 in favour, 2 abstentions.

 Mr. S. Powell returned to the meeting.

(h) Plot 1, Cagebrook Lane, Llanyre – trees (Ref. Min. 19/14(b))

 The Clerk reported that she had written but had not received a response.

(i) Kiosk at Thimble Court Lane (Ref. Min. 19/14(d))

 Correspondence was received from the Highways Department confirming that they would be prepared to contact BT on the Council’s behalf but would require the details from the kiosk.  Mr. S. Powell agreed to obtain the details.


 There were none.



 The monthly balance of income and expenditure was received and approved.

 Balances in hand as at 16.06.14:- Ring Fenced balances – Recycling:-    
 Current Account £6014.73 Llanyre   £1046.54
 Savings Account £2194.44 Newbridge-on-Wye £  802.62
    £8209.17    £1849.16

 Available Funds:- £6360.01

 The following invoices were received and passed for payment:-

 Dwr Cymru Welsh Water – Llanyre toilets  £88.35
 Dwr Cymru Welsh Water – NoW toilets   £224.28
 Mr. P. Lewis – Llanyre toilets    £44.00
 Mr. P. Lewis – Newbridge-on-Wye toilets  £44.00
 Mrs. L. Brown – salary/expenses   268.61


 (a) Builth Wells Ladies’ Choir– Request for Financial Assistance

 A request for financial assistance towards the cost of new dresses was received.  It was noted that 5 members of the choir lived in the Llanyre Community Council area.  It was proposed by Mrs. P. Abbot and seconded by Mr. S. Meredith that a small donation be given.  Following a vote there were 2 members in favour and 3 against.

(b) CPRW – Talk and Supper

 An invitation to the above event was received.  Mrs. Abbott was interested in attending and would contact Mrs. Field to enquire whether she wished to attend also.

(c) Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

 Correspondence was received outlining details of work to be undertaken in the Llanyre area in the near future.  Members expressed their concerns at the compound which had been created at the top of Thompson’s Way.  The entrance was very dangerous and there was insufficient signage.  It was felt that more appropriate measures were required to prevent an accident.  The Clerk was asked to contact Phil Parry in Street Works.

(d) Powys County Council – Ranking Scheme

 Information was received regarding the Council’s Ranking Scheme for undertaking Minor Works.  It was felt that the scheme was not appropriate.

(e) CPRW – Renewal of Membership

 Correspondence was received from the CPRW inviting the Council to renew its membership at a cost of £20.  This was approved and passed for payment.


 The Chairman welcomed Mr. D. Hawkins to the meeting.  Mr. Hawkins had been commissioned to research Welsh names, it was noted that he had researched over 8000 names over a two year project and had continued to undertake his own research following the end of the project.  He informed Members that research proved that the Welsh name for Llanyre was actually Llan-hir and not Llan Ll?r as used by the County Council. 


 Mr. Hawkins presented his evidence to the Members and requested the Community Council’s support for a name change by Powys County Council.


 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 8th July, 2014.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 p.m.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustees:-
Newbridge-on-Wye Community Centre
(i) Lease – nothing further to report.
(ii) Up-date on apportionment of costs –nothing further to report.
(iii) Insurance Refund – the Clerk was requested to re-submit the invoices to Mr. G. Jones for payment.






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