A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Newbridge-on-Wye Community Centre on Tuesday, 21st February, 2017.

Present:- Councillor S. Powell (Chairman);

Councillors M. Davies, Mrs. P. Deakin, S. Grimwood, H. Lewis,
G. Rees, L. Smith and M. Watkins.

In attendance:- County Councillor W. J. Evans


Apologies for absence were received from Mrs. T. Field and Mrs. S. Meredith.


There were none.

101/16 MINUTES

The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 17th January, 2017.


(a) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 93/16(a))

Electricity – 4352 Water – 603
It was noted that the electricity reading was higher than usual due to the heaters being on. It was agreed to turn off the heaters and to be vigilant for frost.

It was felt by some that it was looking rather run down in the toilets and it was agreed to contact Paul Watkins again for a quote to deep clean/pressure wash. Mr. H. Lewis kindly agreed to make contact.

Mr. L. Smith reported that he had spoken with the electricity board again to discuss the moving of the electricity supply and it was their recommendation that the supply be put under ground. If the Council were to dig the trench and cut through the concrete the cost for the electricity board’s part of the contract would be £684.14. Alternatively, a bracket could be fixed to the wall and that would be undertaken at no cost. Members felt that, although the best option would be to lay the cable underground, the cost of undertaking the work was prohibitive. It was, therefore, agreed to progress with the second option of installing a bracket to the wall.

Mr. G. Rees expressed his concerns at the unisex toilet system and, in particular, the fact that there was no lock on the outside door. Members felt that the system was working well and that, to their knowledge, there had been no problems or concerns. The current system also delivered a saving to the budget. It was agreed that a new lock be fitted to the outside door and, in the meantime, Mr. L. Smith and Mr. M. Watkins would visit the site and report back to the next meeting

(b) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 93/16(b))

No problems to report.

Correspondence was received from the Newbridge-on-Wye Community Project confirming that they were currently working with the County Council to secure funding to progress their project.

(c) Newbridge-on-Wye Recycling Site (Ref. Min. 93/16(c))

Correspondence was received from the County Council stating that, with the exception of clothing, all other items could be recycled at the kerbside. It was, therefore, their intention to remove all other bins from the site by the 31st March, 2017. Members expressed their disappointment at this news.

(d) Llanyre Recreation Field

(i) Recreation Field (Ref. Min. 93/16(d)(i))

Mr. H. Lewis reported that there were environmental countryside grants available but a detailed plan/project would need to be put together before proceeding. Members would take look again at the findings of the feasibility study that had been undertaken.

Further to the visit by a member of the public to the January meeting to enquire about the use of the Field for a Bonfire event in November, clarification on the insurance issue had been sought from the Football Club. It was agreed that the Clerk convey the information to the member of the public concerned.

(ii) Play Area (Ref. Min. 93/16(d)(ii)

It was agreed that Members investigate the possibility of applying to the Tesco community scheme for funding towards the cost of new equipment at the Play Area. Mr. H. Lewis kindly agreed to look at the scheme on the Council’s behalf.

Councillor J. Evans was requested to make enquiries with the Rights of Way Department to ascertain when the work on the improvements to the access from the car park would be undertaken.

It was agreed that Members meet on the site at 9.00 a.m. on Saturday 25th February to remove the swing frame.

(iii) Pritchard Recreation Ground (Ref. Min. 93/16(d)(iii))

Following an enquiry, it was confirmed that fir trees had been cut down in the area to improve the light to other trees. These needed to be removed in the near future.

(e) Newbridge-on-Wye Playing Field (Ref. Min. 93/16(e))

The Clerk confirmed that she had written to the County Council regarding the Community Council’s decision on the grass cutting but no response had been received to date.

A Member reported that dogs were running loose on the playing field which was causing a hazard to young children. The Members was requested to report the matter to the County Council.

(f) Up-date from HMRC (Ref. Min. 93/16(f))

The Clerk confirmed that she had written on the 5th and 20th January but no response had been received to date. It was agreed that the Clerk ring HMRC if no response had been received before the next meeting.

(g) Speed of vehicles in Newbridge-on-Wye/Llanyre (Ref. Min. 88/16(g))

A map showing speeding readings which had been taken in 2013 was received from the County Council. It was agreed that these readings be forwarded to the Police for their information.


The following planning applications were received:-

Llyr, Llanyre, Llandrindod Wells – demolition notification of original bungalow. Some Members expressed their view that this was a perfectly good structure but it was agreed that no objections be made.

Old Vet’s Site – Members reported that this application appeared on the County Council’s Planning Portal but the Clerk had not received any correspondence. It was reported that the application was to demolish the existing building and build two properties. The Clerk was requested to make enquiries.

Newmead Bungalow – it was reported that a 106 agreement was awaited for the proposed development. Members expressed their concerns that the applicant did not have control of the hedge to the west of the access. Concern was also expressed that a 106 had recently been removed from the adjacent dwelling and the applicant was applying for permission to erect a second dwelling under a 106 agreement.

Clarke Telecom – a pre-application notification of a proposal to site a new mast in the grounds of the BT exchange in Newbridge-on-Wye was received. It was noted that a number of alternative sites had been explored but this was, in their opinion, the best site available. Councillor Evans reported that he had also been in correspondence with the Company. Members were pleased that they were looking in to improving the network in the village and they didn’t have a problem with it being sited at the BT exchange. However, they agreed that the Company look in to sharing a mast that had recently been installed in the Llysdinam community.

104/16 To receive and approve the monthly balance of income and expenditure, together with invoices for payment.

Balances in hand as at 10.01.17:-                Ring Fenced balances: Recycling 
Current Account £ 8901.14                          Llanyre                  £415.35
Savings Account £ 2198.50                         Newbridge-on-Wye £320.85
                          £11099.64                                                     £736.20

Llanyre Church Hall donation - £2000.00
Available Funds:- £8363.44

The following invoices were received and passed for payment:-

Phs Group – NoW toilets £45.74
Cannon Hygiene – Llanyre toilets £7.81
Cannon Hygiene – NoW toilets £11.84
SWALEC – Llanyre Christmas tree £3.88
Mr. P. Lewis – NoW /Llanyre toilets £72.00
Scottish Power – NoW toilets £95.16
Scottish Power – Llanyre toilets £54.99
Mrs. L. Brown – clerking fee/expenses £324.80


(a) PCC – payroll support to Community Councils

It was reported that the County Council could provide payroll support to Community Councils. In view of recent information received from HMRC this facility was not required at the present time.

(b) Letter of thanks for donation from Recycling Funds was received from Llanyre Church

(c) One Voice Wales – Renewal of Membership was agreed in the sum of £167.00

(d) Teenage Cancer Trust – a donation in the sum of £100.00 was approved.


Mr. M. Watkins reported on his attendance at the above meeting on 3rd February, 2017, as follows:-

- The Police Commissioner will attend the meeting on 7th July;
- Community Council places on School Governing Bodies could be in jeopardy if the new Welsh Assembly proposals go through;
- Comments on the Wind Farm proposals in the proposed LDP can be made to Powys County Council. Members went on to discuss the MP’s public meeting which had been held in Newbridge-on-Wye on 3rd February. It was reported by Councillor W. J. Evans that the County Council have been instructed to include Wind Farm areas in the LDP before it will get Welsh Assembly approved. All wind measuring areas are to be included/
- Examples of best practice in Talgarth and Builth Wells were discussed – A “Keep Talgarth Tidy” group has been set up and dog fouling bins/bags are available on the Groe and are regularly emptied/replaced by volunteers;
- Llanwrthwl Community Council was critical of the very short timescale for responses give by Powys County Council and it was agreed that a letter be sent to the appropriate Assembly Members with a copy to the Chief Executive. It was generally felt that the Community Councils’ role now carries very little weight.


Removal of stile on public footpath west of Llanyre (Mr. L. Smith) – it was reported that the stile had now been replaced.




The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday 21st March, 2017.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustees:-


Members were disappointed with the attendance at the Public Meeting on 18th January, 2017. The Clerk confirmed that she had forwarded a copy of the report from the meeting to the local resident who had kindly agreed to include it in the local press and the community newsletter.

Discussion took place on whether to renew the alcohol licence for the hall. It was agreed to renew the public entertainment element of the licence only.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 p.m.









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