A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Newbridge-on-Wye Community Centre on Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016.

 Present:- Councillor S. Powell  (Chairman);

   Councillors M. Davies, Mrs. P. Deakin, Mrs. T. Field,
   G. Rees, L. Smith and M. Watkins.

 In attendance:- County Councillor W. J. Evans


 An apology for absence was received from Mr. S. Meredith.


 There were none.


 The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 19th January, 2016, subject to the following addition:  Item 92/15 – Precept Estimates for 2016/2017 – “following a vote the proposal was carried by 7 votes for and 1 against”


(a) New A470/Traffic Calming Measures/By-pass (ref. Min. 88/15(a))

It was reported that a pressure group had been established to discuss speeding through Newbridge-on-Wye.  A public meeting had been arranged for 16th March, 2016.

Councillor Evans reported that, currently, the flashing lights come on at 8.50 a request had been made and the lights would now come on at 8.30 a.m. to cover the start of Breakfast Club.

(b) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 88/15(b))

Electricity – 42323 Water – 568

Mr. L. Smith reported that the door had swollen in the recent damp weather.  It has now been planed and was now fitting correctly.  There had also been a problem with the flush but that had also been rectified.

(c) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 88/15(c))

Electricity – 94873.  Nothing further to report.

(d) Recycling Sites (Ref. Min. 88/15(d))

Llanyre – Currently approximately a third full.  A second local resident had requested that something be done to assist with the mud around the recycling bins.  Members suggested that perhaps some stone could be laid but that would need to wait until the weather dried up before anything could be done.  Concerns were expressed at potential trip hazards by laying stone or slabs and as a result, a discussion ensued as to whether the bins could be re-sited in the Open Space.  Members all felt that to move the bins would be the best option and Mr. M. Davies agreed to discuss the matter with the lorry driver.

Newbridge-on-Wye – Plastic and tins full and paper half full.  All tidy on the site.

 The Clerk reported that she had been contacted by the Waste Management Department stating that they did not have a signed copy of the Adopt-a-Site Agreement.  She confirmed that the Agreement had been signed and returned.  It was agreed that a second copy be forwarded for completion.  Whilst talking to the Department the Clerk discussed the situation regarding the reduced payments now being received and how difficult it was for the Council to monitor how much, and which items, had been collected.  The Department agreed to forward a breakdown of the waste collected and at what weight to enable Members to monitor the situation.

(e) Mid Wales House – Parking (Ref. Min. 88/15(e))

Councillor Evans reported that he had contacted Alastair Knox at PCC following the last meeting but no response had been received regarding progress.  Councillor Evans agreed to contact him again.

(f) Llanyre Church/Community Hall/Llanyre Recreation Field (Ref. Min. 88/15(f))

Mr. M. Watkins reported that he had visited the Archives and reported, briefly, on his findings.  Mr. Watkins had prepared a comprehensive report and he suggested that this be forwarded to One Voice Wales for further clarification as the results of his investigations had raised further questions.

It was agreed that the Clerk would prepare the report which would be checked by Mr. Watkins prior to e-mailing to all Members for viewing before it is sent to One Voice Wales.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Watkins for his efforts in undertaking the investigations.

In light of the information from the Charity Commission regarding selling/letting the Recreation Field, it was reported that the Church were now looking to re-furbish the existing hall.  They were currently awaiting costs to make the building water-tight.

(g) Proposed New Community Facility (Ref. Min. 88/15(g))

Nothing further to report.

(h) Newbridge-on-Wye and Llanyre Playing Fields (Ref. Min. 88/15(h))

Mr. L. Smith reported that he had met with Mr. S. Gealy to undertake the inspection.  Matters raised included:

- the laying of soil around the noughts and crosses.  This has now been completed.
- Muddy in the gateway.
- A piece of wood was removed from the gate.
- Boarding missing on the fence.  Mr. L. Smith will get the timber and undertake the work.  Mr. M. Watkins agreed to assist.

(i) Electronic Planning Applications (Ref. Min. 88/15(i))

The Clerk reported that correspondence had been received confirming that the Council were proceeding with their proposals to discontinue sending paper copies of planning applications and in future all planning would be forwarded electronically.  Members, again, expressed their disquiet at this proposal as not all Members had the facilities to view the applications on line and the meeting rooms used did not have access to wifi.  It was pointed out that it is a statutory requirement that the County Council consult with Community Councils and if the Community Council do not have the facilities to access this then the County Council is acting outside their legal requirement.  It was agreed that the Community Council continue to challenge this proposal.

(j) Financial Information (Ref. Min. 88/15(k))

No response received to date.  It was agreed that the Clerk write again.

(k) Llyr, Llanyre – Planning Application (Ref. Min. 89/15)

It was noted that a site meeting had been held.  It was the opinion of the Members who attended that the application be approved subject to it being moved closer to the road.  The Chairman had been requested to speak with the neighbour but this had not been possible to date.


 No applications received.


 The monthly balance of income and expenditure was received and approved.
Balances in hand as at 22.02.15:-  Ring Fenced balances – Recycling:- 
 Current Account £7871.83  Llanyre  £  592.71
 Savings Account £2196.72  Newbridge-on-Wye £  438.82
     £10068.55     £1031.53

Available Funds:- £9037.02

 The following invoices were received and passed for payment
Dwr Cymru – Llanyre Recreation Field    £18.50
 Dwr Cymru – Public toilets – Newbridge-on-Wye   £180.44
 Dwr Cymru – Public toilets – Llanyre    £95.11
 SWALEC – Llanyre Christmas tree     £2.84
 Cannon Hygiene – Public toilets – Llanyre    £7.34
 Phs – Public toilets – Newbridge-on-Wye    £41.64
 Bunzl – Public toilets – Newbridge-on-Wye and Llanyre  £156.05
 Royal British Legion – poppy wreaths x 2    £34.00
Mr. P. Lewis – Llanyre/Newbridge-on-Wye Toilets   £67.20
R. W. Marshall – Grass cutting – NoW Playing Field  £300.00
 Mrs. L. Brown – Salary/expenses     £316.89


(i) One Voice Wales – Brecon and Radnor Area Committee

It was noted that a meeting had been held on 5th February, 2016.  Unfortunately, no one had been available to attend.

(ii) Welsh Government – Section 137 Expenditure

Correspondence was received confirming that the appropriate sum under Section 137 Expenditure was £7.42.

(iii) One Voice Wales – Membership

An invitation to re-join for 2016/2017 was received.  It was noted that the cost for this year would be £162.  It was proposed by Mrs. T. Field and seconded by Mr. M. Watkins that the invitation be accepted.  All in favour.

(iv) PCC – Submission of Deposit Powys LDP 2015

The Clerk reported that the submission was available on CD-Rom.  Councillor Evans reported that very little development can take place in Newbridge-on-Wye until improvements have been made to the sewerage system.  It was also noted that some problems had arisen with an area identified in Llanyre and as a result alternative areas may now be included.

(v) Newbridge-on-Wye School – Parking

Correspondence was received from a local resident enquiring whether there was any public parking available in the school car park during the school day.  Members were not in a position to respond to this enquiry as it is not a community car park and it was agreed that the letter be forwarded to the Chief Executive for reply.


 Notice Board adjacent to the Open Space (Mr. L. Smith)

 It was reported that the back of the notice board was wet and in need of water proofing.  It was agreed that a quotation for a new back and water proofing be obtained from Character Building.


 The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday, 15th March at 7.30 p.m.


It was agreed that the following items be excluded as confidential:-


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