A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Newbridge-on-Wye Community Centre on Tuesday, 16th December, 2014.

Present:- Councillor S. Powell (Chairman);

Councillors Mrs. P. Abbott, M. Davies, Mrs. T. Field,
S. Grimwood, G. Lewis, S. Meredith, L. Smith and
M. Watkins.

In attendance:- County Councillor W. J. Evans


Apologies for absence were received from Mr. G. Rees.


Mr. S. Powell, Mr. G. Lewis and Mr. M. Davies declared an interest in item 91(c) and left the meeting whilst it was discussed.


The Chairman was authorised to sign as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting held on 18th November, 2014.


(a) A470/B4358/Traffic Calming Measures/By-pass (Ref. Min. 77/14(a)

The Clerk confirmed that she had completed the Welsh Assembly Traffic Survey and included the items raised by Members.

Members raised concerns regarding the gradient of the road from Disserth where it joins the B4358 and the lack of visibility. It was confirmed that County Council Officers had visited the site and undertaken surveys. It was noted that Mr. S. Meredith and Councillor Evans would be meeting with Mr. A. Knox of the County Council on 6th January, the matter would be raised and a report brought back to the next meeting.

(b) Public Toilets, Llanyre (Ref. Min. 77/14(b)

Electricity – 41221, Water 532. It was reported that the heaters had been checked and were working.

(c) Public Toilets, Newbridge-on-Wye (Ref. Min. 67/14(c))

Electricity – 93370. It was reported that the heaters had been checked and were working.

(d) Recycling Sites (Ref. Min. 77/14(d))

Llanyre – it was reported that The Bell Inn had received permission from the County Council to use the community bottle bank. It was noted that the paper bank was full and Mr. L. Smith would request a collection.

Newbridge-on-Wye – all fine.

(e) Mid Wales House _ Parking (Ref. Min. 67/14(e))

It was reported that a meeting had been arranged with Alastair Knox for 6th January, 2015. Mr. S. Meredith, Mr. S. Powell, Mr. M. Watkins, Mr. G. Rees and Councillor Evans would attend. The Members would discuss the way forward and seek legal assistance.

(f) Proposed Llanyre Church/Community Hall (Ref. Min. 67/14(f))

The Clerk reported that, despite emailing again and contacting the MP and AM, there was still no response. The Chairman agreed to discuss the matter further with Mr. R. Cawthorne in an attempt to progress the matter.

(g) Kiosk at Thimble Court Lane (Ref. Min. 67/14(e))

In the absence of Mr. G. Rees, there was nothing further to report.

(h) Proposed New Creche Facility (Ref. Min. 67/14(h))

It was noted that an application for funding had been made to Powys County Council and a response was awaited. Site maps were received and noted.

(i) Christmas Trees (Ref. Min. 67/14(j))

The Chairman thanked Mr. G. Lewis for his work in connection with the construction and erection of the metal tree in Llanyre. It was also noted that Mr. P. Knill had kindly donated new lights for the tree and it was agreed that a letter be forwarded to him.

The Chairman also thanked those responsible for erecting the tree and lights in Newbridge-on-Wye and Penllegaer Estates for donating the tree. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be forwarded to Mr. R. Woods.


(a) Plots C, D and E, Cae Nant, Newbridge-on-Wye – VAR: Section 73a application to removed conditions 3, 4 and 5. Members expressed their concern at this application as the properties were only now under construction. It was, therefore, proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mrs. T. Field that the application be refused. All in favour.

(b) Plot 3, Cagebrook Lane, Llanyre – erection of conservatory to house, erection of detached garage and alteration of integral garage to habitable room. Members were concerned that the construction of a garage adjacent to the neighbour’s boundary could be detrimental to their property but following discussion it was proposed by Mr. S. Grimwood and seconded by Mr. M. Davies that the application be approved.

Mrs. P. Abbott joined the meeting. Mr. S. Powell, Mr. G. Lewis and Mr. M. Davies left the meeting.
(c) The Busnant, Llanyre – change of use of agricultural land to tourism and leisure, together with installation of 20no. static caravans, package treatment plant, new on site vehicular access route, landscaping and all other associated works.

A lengthy discussion ensued on this application when the following concerns were raised: good agricultural land being taken out of use; increase in traffic on an already busy road; narrow bridge near the proposed site; neighbours have not been notified of the proposed development. It was, therefore, proposed by Mr. M. Watkins and seconded by Mr. S. Meredith that the application be refused for the following reasons:-

- The development will be going into an adjoining field which will lead to the further despoliation of agricultural land;
- The increase in traffic which will exacerbate the speeding problem on the road;
- The neighbours have not been notified.

Mr. S. Powell, Mr. G. Lewis and Mr. M. Davies returned to the meeting.

(d) Penbont Farm, Llysdinam – retrospective application from Newbridge-on-Wye Football Club. It was noted that there was no paperwork available for this application as it was situated in the Llanafan Community Council area, but Members had the opportunity to view the application on line. Members felt that consideration needed to be given to the residents of the adjoining farmhouse with regards to disturbance which would arise from this development.


The monthly balances of income and expenditure were received and approved.

Balances in hand as at 15.12.14:- Ring Fenced balances – Recycling:-
Current Account £4533.28 Llanyre £ 892.34
Savings Account £2195.20 Newbridge-on-Wye £ 722.72
£6728.48 £1615.06

Available Funds:- £5113.42

The following invoices were received and passed for payment

(a) Mr. P. Lewis – NoW and Llanyre toilets £64.00
(b) British Legion – 2 poppy wreaths £34.00
(c) Dwr Cymru Welsh Water – NoW toilets £231.44
(d) Dwr Cymru Welsh Water – Llanyre toilets £105.53
(e) Dwr Cymru Welsh Water – Llanyre Rec Field £18.34
(f) Scottish Power – NoW toilets £41.29
(g) Mrs. L. Brown – salary/expenses £243.99
(h) Mr. G. Lewis – Llanyre Christmas Tree £240.00

The Clerk explained that the payment for phs Group which was passed for payment at the last meeting had not been sent. On discussion with the office regarding the purchase of the hand drier in Llanyre, it had been advised that the rental for the next quarter was not due. A second cheque for the payment for the hire of the Newbridge-on-Wye hand drier was therefore approved in the sum of £37.90.



(a) PCC – Branch Libraries

Details of the revised opening hours for Branch Libraries was received and noted.

(b) Welsh Government

A copy of the A470 Trunk Road 30mph speed limit Order was received and noted.

(c) Phs Group – Purchase of Hand drier

The purchase order for the hand drier in Llanyre, in the sum of £70.00, was received and signed by the Chairman.

(d) All Saints Church, Newbridge-on-Wye

The Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from the Treasurer of All Saints Church that the donation from the Recycling Funds would be used for the upkeep of the graveyard and a letter of thanks for the donation was also received.

(e) One Voice Wales – Garden Party

Correspondence was received inviting the Chairman to put his name forward to the ballot for representatives to attend the Garden Party. The form was passed to the Chairman for completion.

(f) Western Power Distribution – Llanyre Christmas Tree

Correspondence was received confirming that no additional load had been detected and the electricity supplier had been informed accordingly.

(g) PCC – Devolving Outdoor Recreation Facilities to the Community

Correspondence was received regarding the County Council’s proposal to devolve responsibility for the Newbridge-on-Wye and Llanyre Play Areas to the Community Council. It was reported by Councillor Evans that the County Council would be providing funding should the Community Council decide to take over the play areas, however, this was not stated in the correspondence received. It was, therefore, agreed to receive the correspondence and defer a decision on the matter pending further information.


Mrs. P. Abbott reported on her attendance at the Governing Body meeting.


Tenders for repairs to the notice board adjacent to the Open Space were received as follows:-

Mr. T. J. McCaugherty - £820.00
Character Building - £120.00 + VAT

It was proposed by Mrs. P. Abbott and seconded by Mr. S. Grimwood that the tender from Character Building be accepted.


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Tuesday, 20th January, 2015 at 7.00 p.m.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 p.m.

The Members discussed the following item in their capacity as Custodial Trustees.


(a) Lease/Apportionment of Costs – no progress to report. However, it was reported by Mrs. Abbott that the matter of the school assuming responsibility for the hall had been discussed at the recent Governors meeting. The suggestion had not met with a great deal of support but the Friends of the School may be interested in taking it on, on a trial basis.

Councillor Evans confirmed that he had spoken with Mr. D. Micah regarding the possibility of the County Council providing an independent Chairman for the public meeting and it had been confirmed that this was possible. However, it was felt that there was insufficient information to available on the apportionment of costs, etc. to meet with the public at present. It was, therefore, agreed to postpone the meeting scheduled for 28th January and arrange to meet with Gareth Jones on that date. Councillor Evans agreed to speak with Mr. Jones to arrange the meeting.

(b) Remuneration for the Booking Secretary and Clerk

Mrs. Abbott and Mrs. Brown left the meeting

Following the discussions at recent meetings when it was agreed that the Booking Secretary Clerk be awarded an honorarium of £125 for their work in connection with the Community Centre, pending receipt of up to date financial details, further discussions took place now that the balances were available.

It was, therefore, agreed that, the £125 previously paid be for work undertaken up to December, 2013 and a sum of £200 each for the work undertaken up to December, 2014. The Chairman expressed the gratitude of the Members for the work that the both officers undertook on behalf of the Trustees.





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