A meeting of Cyngor Cymuned Llan Llyr/Llanyre Community Council was held at Llanyre Church Hall on Tuesday, 13th August, 2013.

    Present:-    Councillor M. Davies  (Chairman);

            Councillors Mrs. T. Field,  S. Meredith, G. Rees, L. Smith
and M. Watkins.


    Mr. S. Grimwood, Mrs. S. Powell and Mr. B. Humphreys declared an interest in item 42/13 and did not attend the meeting.


    Upper Dollwynhir, Llanyre – agricultural building to house a biomass system.

    A thorough discussion took place and members considered the following matters needed answers before an approval, conditional approval or refusal could be given:-

    Application Form Queries

    Para 7 indicates no provision to deal with waste – what will happen to it?
    Para 8 indicates no neighbour consultation – have they been notified?
    Para 25 indicates the site cannot be seen from a road – this is incorrect – the site can be seen from the unclassified road in a few places.
    Para 26 indicates the application land is not an agricultural holding – this seems to be incorrect.

    Site Plan Queries

-    The site of the second poultry building to be erected in 2013 is not sho0wn on the plan (ref. previous planning permission and background information on page 2 of the Design and Access Statement);
-    The recently erected timber clad cattle shed just to the east of the access route to the proposal is not shown;
-    The application lacks a cross section through the proposal, the adjacent poultry shed and adjacent ground in order to evaluate the conspicuity of this 7m high shed.

Supporting Statement

-    There is no information about the size and frequency of the wood chip deliveries;
-    There is no reference to the means for the disposal of the waste ash from the biomass plant.


Due to the lack of information outlined above it was resolved that approval could not be given; nor on the other hand was there a sufficient case to refuse.  It was recommended that the necessary answers be sought from Powys County Council and the application should be called in for the Planning Committee’s consideration.  Members queried why it was not necessary to require a Planning consent for an industrial sized heating plant.



    Land adjacent to Mid Wales House

-    Mr. G. Rees said the householder had intimated that he was intending to register the land in dispute in his name;
-    It is not clear whether Powys had made any progress in this matter
-    It was recollected that at the last meeting it was resolved to let the matter progress at Powys’ pace.

It was unanimously that the Community Council should inform the Land Registry that the land is publicly owned land and that the Community Council is in negotiation with Powys County Council as to which is the most appropriate authority to maintain it and to eventually register the land in the normal manner.

MARK DAVIES (Chairman)


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